Saturday 26 April 2008

Sketched some Glen Keane while "Watching TV"

Here's some expressions from my film.


  1. hah no updates. I just blogsurf my links and sometimes get lucky. That drawing was actually based from a roman sculpture. A friend of mine recommended them as excellent life drawing material and he was right. Anyway as for your post, great sketches. I hope you upload your film onto here cuz im really anxious to see it.

  2. i remember seeing that said in the extras of the film.

    a sculpture of a nekkid man on a horse was part of the inspiration for tarzans design ....

    hopfully the tarzan books gave him a bit of inspiration too =P

    and the film WILL be here. =P

  3. glen keane, glan kean, bla bla bla. i hate glen keane.

    fucking awesome model sheets. wish i had that kind of technical skill.

  4. Lol so many animators hate glen keane.

    such a waste of energy

    =P tarzan is so sexy to draw i dont care whatchooo say.

    mmm loincloth.

    fankyooooo tho =]

    i hope this film comes out good.

  5. good job on the glen keane drawings mate! I cant tell the diff.

    And that dog character is awesome!!!! love the design. The small poodle dog

  6. hey dude, how do I know Glen Keane didnt copy YOU? haha!

    cheers for the kind commments on me old blog.

    As for your questions... I dont actually work for Django. I work for Ink Animations in Dundee. Django is outsourcing inbetween and Cleanup to them. I really dont think Django take people on for work experience, but I do know that they hire students, there are some people from the Bournemouth animation course working there. From what Ive heard, and from talks by Chomet, he wants people who can draw, life drawing studies etc. I think it says some things on the website about it.

    As for my job, I was lucky enough to know the company as I had done work experience and freelance work for them before. So I skipped the CV and portfolio part and went straight into the 2 day live drawing and inbetweening test. If ya pass that stage, then its a two month trial and learning period. This is my third job really, done some mobile phone game work and some freelance animation before, but really I reckon Im mostly lucky to have the job. Right place right time I reckon.

    when did you apply? No harm applying again. You could always apply to the company Im working at, they might still be needing folk!

    Best of luck no matter :)

  7. I'm stupid and took forever to reply to you! Nice stuff, I wanna see your film now.

  8. to todd!

    no worries dude. Yeh man I agree with ya, blogspot is the place to be!!

    Yeh man your still studying right? Well these companies are going anywhere no doubt there will be plenty of oppertunities in the future. Hows the short film going?

    As for the Illusionist - it is looking stunning. I really mean that. Its a work of art!

    Ohh fantastic mr fox! I have heard of it. Will have to check it out. Congrats to your friend!

  9. hey man, thanks for the kind words! :D

  10. i really like your art, the chihuahuas (?)are great :)