Tuesday 29 January 2008

Shampoodle Concepts


  1. I thought of the taco idea! And moved the taco man! Although you had to fix it lots.

    I like it LOADS

    and... i like the music too don't tell anyone they'll think I'm crazy

  2. what the fuck? since when has mexico guy had eyes??!?! anyway, looks good.

    like the characters, style in concise and sweet. turnarounds look good, if a little inconsistent :p

    looking forward to seeing this.....

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  4. thankyoooou =]

    I didnt actually want to do turnarounds.... the film should be reminiscent of cartoon network and i loved the idea of just drawing the characters in two dimensions without front on views.....but i needed a turnaround for the criteria.

    so hopefully in the film i wont even use the front on angles..... =P

    dont look forward to it tho =P i doubt ill finish. =P